Seeing Your Story As A Featured Film

As I find myself diving deeper into this thing called indie comics, I come to realize that there are two different thought processes going into it. When I first started out I figured I would just write comics, not really understanding what that really was…but as time progressed, I now see my work as becoming much more.

Now, none of this is to put down any creator, I’m just saying that I see my work as something that would one day break free from the pages of the comic book. I love writing comics. I love when I see my words being transformed through the process of pencils, inks and colors.

For me, I write all of my stories as screenplay first, which makes me see the story differently on the pages of the comic book I’m creating. I think it also changes the thought process of the illustrator, who is translating your words from the script to the selected panels from which the artist is putting in the comic.

When I’m creating my work, I try to see and make everything that I put my hands on as a masterpiece. I always stay focused on the mindset of my fans and readers, as I try to understand what they want to see and read. This is why for me, I desperately try to mesh both film and comic book styles together, making it to where the fan and reader can see the story going either way, as a great comic or one day becoming a featured film.